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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Home Inspection?

 A Home Inspection is an important part of the buying process, not only does it give the buyer in-depth knowledge of the property it can also give the buyer leverage in the deal.  On most occasions, when there are certain issues with the home, whether they be structural, electrical, plumbing or other, the buyer can renegotiate the deal to either reduce the cost to help pay for the repairs or have the seller fix the repairs before the sale.  This can very beneficial to you the buyer, as one should never assume that just because a home has been remodeled or renovated, that there aren’t other problems lurking behind that fresh coat of paint.

Do I Have to Use the Inspector My Realtor Suggested?

No, you are the home buyer, this is your purchase and your decision.  While most realtors have very reputable home inspectors they like to refer, it is the home buyer's decision who they want to hire.  All state-licensed Home Inspector reports will be accepted by your insurance company. 

What Other Kinds of Inspections Might I Need?

When buying a home in South Florida you will probably need to get Home Owner's Insurance and Windstorm coverage.  To get your home owner’s insurance policy you will need a 4-Point Inspection Report.  In addition, a Wind Mitigation report can help earn you discounts on your Windstorm policy; the stronger your home is built the more discounts you can get. 

Keep in mind that you cannot simply give your insurance agent your Full Inspection report.  Insurance companies only need select pieces of information and don’t want the hassle of thumbing through all the pages on a full inspection report. Luckily with every Full Inspection purchased with us, Rolfs Home Inspections will throw in the 4-Point and Wind Mitigation for free.

I Can't Make it to the Inspection.  Do I Need to be There?

No, you do not need to be at the inspection to receive all of your important information.  Each report will be emailed to you with detailed pictures and descriptions of faults, needed repairs, and issues that should be addressed.  Rolfs Home Inspections even provides an estimated cost of repairs for all structural and safety concerns and we are availabe 7 days a week via call, text or email to answer any questions you might have about the inspection.

Do the Power and Water Need to be On?

Yes, in order to properly inspect the electrical and plumbing of a home the power and water must be turned on; imagine trying to test drive a car without any gas, it wouldn’t be very informative test.

How Long Will the Inspection Take?

Time really depends on the size and age of the house (older homes typically have more issues to site), but on average a full home inspection for a 2000 sq. ft. house should take between 1 ½ to 2 hours to complete.

How Fast Will I get My Reports?

Rolfs Home Inspections prides itself on next day reports, and while some companies offer "on-the-spot" reports, we know that something this important should never be rushed.

The Seller Wants to See the Report, Do I Need to Show it to Them?

No, the inspection report is yours and yours alone. Although your mortgage company may ask to see the inspection report, you are not required to share it with the seller, the seller’s realtor, or even your own realtor.  You may share or not share as you please.

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